Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another Broken Egg Cafe Broken Review

My parents are in town so I wanted to meet them for a nice breakfast. Being a Celiac, I chose the place carefully. I looked up breakfast menus of local places I knew including a new place called, Another Broken Egg Cafe. I looked up and reviewed the menu, which had a lot of choices and boasted fresh food. I thought my family and I could all find something there to eat. I was very wrong. We were seated at the table and I began to tell our server I had an allergy to gluten and ask the usual questions about the items I was considering. He told me he knew of the allergy, another server had it and when everyone was tasting the menu in training that server could only eat the fruit plate. Immediate red flags went off in my head, but the server said he was ask the chef. When he came back he basically confirmed that the potatoes I was considering were not gluten free and not fresh at all. So I decided a the fruit place and a piece of chicken, thinking they could just take a fresh piece of chicken and grill it for me right? Wrong all the chicken is premarinated in a sauce that is not gluten free. So I had a fruit plate as my parents at their full meals. Then I had to make extra time to go home and eat lunch. I will not be returning to Another Broken Egg Cafe and just wanted to put a warning out there to others with food allergies.


  1. They now offer Gluten Free Pancakes! They order the flour from Sugar and Spice market which offers gluten free cake mix, gluten free pancake mix and gluten free flow. Check it out -

    The flour is awesome!

    1. Ate the "Gluten Free Pancake" at the Shreveport location this morning and was sick by 1 pm. Perhaps they are not trained on cross-contamination.