Saturday, January 29, 2011

Baby Blue's BBQ

So we discovered a new place to eat tonight. It's a BBQ place so I was a little weary. We looked at the menu before, even watched a video clip from Diners Drive Ins and Dives. Watching the video made me even more nervous seeing that they cooked their pulled pork in beer and figuring that they probably cooked a lot of other stuff in beer too. We debated calling first, but didn't know what kind of reaction we would get over the phone so we decided to just go. We got there and there was a wait for a table. While we were waiting we talked to the hostess telling her about my allergy and asking what went in to the sauces and if there was anything I could eat. She said, "wait a minute" and then came back with a spread sheet of the menu listing all the items and what allergy ingredient they contained. I was immediately able to tell what I could order and what I should stay away from. We then talked to a server who said she had a gluten allergy and she was really sensitive to most of the meat due to cross contamination and that she mainly just ordered sides. I asked her if she was Celiac and she said yes, then I immediately though, "ut OH." I ordered the chicken which I thought would have the least cross contamination since it was smoked and maybe next time it would be safer to order it without BBQ sauce, but it was good and so far so good I am not sick. I was very surprised to find a little "Dive" BBQ joint that had an allergy list. I'm glad they did and I hope more restaurants do the same. It also shows that I shouldn't be afraid ask about the restaurants food and disclose my allergy right when I walk in the door. It definitely helped this time.

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  1. Good for you for asking! Way to take care of yourself - I hope this is the start of a really good adventure in food for you.