Monday, November 29, 2010

Still Learning

Still learning my way around this Gluten Free diet thing. First how can you survive pot luck parties with normal eaters? I tried bringing my own food, but still got sick because it was cross contaminated by others. Do you have to go as far as bringing your own prefixed plate for yourself and only eating that? I believe it was my dad who said you should treat your food like you would treat your drink at a party and never let it out of your sight. Which is probably a very good idea, except when your food is a bowl of pasta salad you are sharing with the group and someone puts contaminated pasta salad back in the bowl as you watch then what do you do when your choices of food are even further limited?

Another thing I'm still researching and learning about is soy. My Aunt insists that soy is not gluten free and I have also spoke to some other people who have said soy lechin effects people with celiac disease the same why gluten does. In my research I found pages that said, soy is soy and not gluten and is safe to eat and that people may have a separate allergy to gluten. Not sure what to believe, so far soy seems to be OK for me.

The last thing is an excellent product find. Whole Foods has awesome GF cupcakes, they taste like the real thing. I suggest leaving them in the freezer till you are ready to eat them, they seemed to dry out pretty fast. So good. Also Ruby Tuesdays has a GF menu. You have to ask for it. It is basically a list of their regular menu items that already are or can be made GF and how to order them so they are GF.

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  1. This is a real toughie, innit? People who don't have gluten intolerance or celiac just don't realize how bad it is to cross-contaminate. I've learned if I eat something beforehand and separate out my own serving of whatever I bring, it's not so painful at the table. Don't feel like you are a nuisance - no one is going to take care of you but you!