Saturday, January 15, 2011

Learning and teaching

One of the hardest parts of eating Gluten Free for me is eating with other people. Eating out can be handled, I can always order salad where ever I go, but eating at someone else's house or a party where I have no control and no forewarning of what is being served is another story. I walked in the door to lunch with family and they said today we are having Chinese, panic set in. Immediately the first thoughts in my head was, "Great, I can't eat Chinese, everything has soy sauce in some for or other, guess I'll just have white rice and maybe a salad with fresh lettuce from next door." But that's me I hate for people to have to make special exceptions for me, so I'm willing to go without rather than say, I can't eat anything. I explained that Chinese food generally is not gluten free because everything has soy sauce and soy sauce has gluten. They suggested I pick something and order it plan with no sauce and I did. Even though it was very bland it was better than just eating white rice and it was something I hadn't thought of. A lesson learned. But I feel like I still have some teaching to do seeing that people still don't seem to be aware of what has gluten and what doesn't and what I can eat and what I can't.

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