Saturday, March 19, 2011

Something to think about

So in watching the news clips of Japan they were showing a clip of one of the survivor camps or shelters for all the people that lost their homes. In the clip they happened to show them handing out sandwiches to the survivors. My first thought was, "OH CRAP, what am I going to do if LA gets hit by an earthquake? I can't eat a sandwich" I guess that's kind of selfish thinking, but really I probably should be preparing an emergency kit with food for me. My boyfriend and I have had discussions about this since we saw the clip together and his opinion is that if I'm in that type of situation and have to go to a shelter, then I just have to eat what's given to me and suffer the consequences. Then my thought was, "Are you crazy? Not only is there going to be little food, but there probably won't be any toilets or decent place to go the bathroom, I'm better off just not eating than getting sick." Really does anyone really want to be stuck with diarrhea on top of being stuck in a huge disaster with little food, no showers, no clean clothes and no bathroom? Things to think about. I really do need to pack myself an emergency kit at least for the car. The minute the ground starts shaking I'm hopping in the car and heading straight back to Connecticut if I can get out.

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