Monday, September 26, 2011


BJ's Restaurant and Brew house is know for it's signature dessert, the Pizzookie. Large cookie in a pizza pan cooked in the pizza oven. Also known as heaven. Since going gluten free it has been very hard for me to go to BJ's and not be able to have the pizzookie. In fact in June I went with my parents and the waitress asked if there was anything else we wanted and I jokingly answered "a gluten free Pizzookie." The waitress said that a lot of people had been asking for that, but they did not have one yet. Well I have good news. BJ's now has a Gluten Free Pizzookie and it is Fabulous. You can tell by the texture and color that it's gluten free but it really does taste like a chocolate chip cookie. It was so good. My boyfriend who is not gluten free shared it with me and I think he ate more of it than I did.

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