Friday, October 14, 2011

Liz Lovely Cookies

Good Gluten free cookies are hard to find. When I first went gluten free I just happen to stumble upon these Liz Lovely Gluten Free cookies as I was looking for gluten free treats. I found them to be the best cookies I've found so far. Usually Gluten free cookies are hard and I'm not really a fan of those. Liz Lovely cookies are soft and made from all natural ingredients. My favorite flavors are the chocolate chip, which is so soft it's almost like cookie dough, the Snickerdoodle, my absolute favorite is so soft it's almost like cake and Chocolate Fudge which is like a brownie. To make them even better and probably the reason I fell so much in love with them is the story behind the cookies and the company that makes them. My dad always said the best restaurants have a story on their menu. Well these guys have a story on their cookie. The cookies are made by a "ma and pa" company that was formed when they lost their real jobs. Liz started baking vegan cookies for friends and family and the company grew from there. Such an inspirational story and really delicious cookies. You can check out their website at where you can either order cookies directly or look up where to find the cookies in a store near you.