Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Celiac Disease resources

So my family asked me to send some information about Celiac disease resources that I use for some people who have been newly diagnosed. So I put together some of my favorite resources and things that I use and I thought I would post it for more people to use the information.
  • http://celiac.org/ This is the official website for the Celiac Disease foundation. This is a great resource for people who have just been diagnosed. It gives information about the gluten free diet, eating out, finding a Dr, etc.
  • http://www.glutenfreediet.ca/ Is a great website and recourse from Shelley Case a dietitian. I have been looking for new ways to get more protein into my diet as well as ways to just eat healthier overall. This website has some really great educational resources.
  • The dietitian who created the site said that there will be different levels of information for those just starting the diet to those who have been following the diet for a while. www.celiacnow.org
  • My favorite APP to use to find a good place to eat gluten free is Find Me Gluten Free. You can search for places that are gluten free friendly/aware in your location or a place you may be going.
  • My favorite cook book to bake from is Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Gluten Free by Anne Byrn. She has another book out called Unbelievably Gluten Free.
  • My favorite stores are Trader Joe's, Fresh and Easy and Sprouts. They all carry gluten free products at a little better price than Whole Foods.
  • Pintrest, Yes I am one of those people. I really think it is a great resource for recipes and information and a great place to collect and store the information. I also follow many Gluten Free bloggers through Pintrest.
  • Some good Magazine are Living Without, Delight Gluten Free Magazine and Gluten Free Living. They always have good recipes and tips.