Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sharing the wealth of information

Yesterday I attended Celiac Disease Foundation Conference. It was very informative with lots of free samples. Lots and lots of free samples. I still have yet to go through all the samples, but I have to say that I had previously tried most of the samples on my own and nothing really stood out except the beef chili from Chili Addiction on La Cienega Blvd in Los Angeles. They were the only restaurant there and I thought their chili was excellent. It is very hard to find places with gluten free options that know how to handle Gluten free food, I can't wait to go check out their restaurant. I found some new resources for information that will hopefully help me on my journey.
High lights:
  • My favorite quote had to be "The actress playing the part of your server for the night." The Dr. was speaking about ordering out at a restaurant and I think he hit the nail on the head not only because as we joke out here in CA that most waiters and waitresses are actors waiting for their acting career to start, but to me it also stressed the point that most wait staff is inexperienced and uneducated about Celiac Disease and food allergies.
  • Is a great website and recourse from Shelley Case a dietitian. I have been looking for new ways to get more protein into my diet as well as ways to just eat healthier overall. This website has some really great educational resources.
  • I met a young lady and her family who really impressed me. She wrote a blog of a college class about being Celiac and dealing with social situations. I have not been able to find the blog yet, but what she said and how her family supported her really impressed me. I  met the young lady's father while she was giving a presentation and he talked about going to restaurants educating the staff and showing his red bracelet to raise awareness. He reminded me of my own father and my own family and how they have been so supportive of me. I can't wait to read her blog. I was inspired by this young lady to keep up with my own blog a little more.
  • I found a new website, which is not up and running yet, but it sounds like it will be very resourceful with information on celiac disease and living with the gluten free diet. The dietitian who created the site said that there will be different levels of information for those just starting the diet to those who have been following the diet for a while. I am very excited to see this website as well. In the mean time you can check out her other site
  • I learned that Blue Cheese is gluten free (not that I eat it anyway). It was interesting to hear that Blue Cheese is made from Bread mold, it was thought that it might contain gluten, however Shelley Case said that in Canada they test lots of different blue cheese made from bread mold and found that none contained gluten, so if you like Blue Cheese, you are safe to eat it.